Water Management

In cooperation, with an Iranian company based in Kerman Province in Iran, TB-T GmbH coordinates the localisation of three water veins in the desert Dasht-e Lut, Iran, by Mr. Hans-Anton Rieder from the company Aconcagua.
On our web site we will constantly offer a lot of information about Mr. Rieder, his previous projects, his working technique and the theory of Radiesthesia, as well as other relevant information.
In the following you will find some information on the current subject to start with.
The company Aconcagua operates worldwide and carries out projects that have to do with water, agriculture, clay building and renewable energies.
Our company TB-T GmbH takes on all interests of Aconcagua in Iran and is solely in charge of the approach of potential clients, the dealing with inquiries and order processing.
There is a small presentation of the company Aconcagua.

About Mr. Rieder:

The Swiss Hans-Anton Rieder has the ability to find water veins using a dowsing rod. His capability of sensing the radiations emitted by water flowing subterranean enables him to locate them.
He is trained in active radiesthesia and skilled in dowsing.
Although his statement that there are water veins in plentiful supply on earth contradicts orthodox sciences, he can substantiate it by more than 500 successful localisations and a hit rate of approximately 90% over a period of more than 25 years. 
Water veins differ from ground water. They flow around the globe forming a closed system that is under pressure at all times and therefore independent from rainfall. Its water is fresh water and never runs dry.
The Internet contains innumerable articles about Mr. Rieder all written in German.
We will try to provide you little by little with the essentials of Mr. Rieders working technique by publishing English translations on our site. Actually we can provide you with two articles of Mysteries magazine translated into the English language. (May 2007, www.mysteries-magazin.com )
Current project status:
After the bore hole at Dasht-e Lut collapsed at a depth of 65 meters, due to the missing of an appropriate drilling machine and the difficult geological conditions at the drilling site, we are currently searching for an appropriate drilling machine to continue the project in Iran.
There are good reasons to expect that a drilling machine that meets the requirements has to obtained abroad.