Energy Management

The company Zortea Gebaeudetechnik GmbH, based in Austria, offers the most resourceful solution – with 22 national and international patents – for an intelligent optimisation of your power plants.
The product is a cylindrical gathering and distribution system, developed by Mr. Rembert Zortea and called Zortstroem. The main problem in every heating and cooling system is caused by irregular cold and hot water flows. Exactly this is eliminated by the unrivalled Zortstroem-System that gathers and distributes the water flows.
Heat as well as cooling energy is gathered from any point and accumulated in a kind of central reservoir. From there, they are transferred, with a minimum loss of heat and at peak efficiency to an optional number of distribution points, at the exactly required temperature. With the Zortstroem-System you achieve a hydraulic balanced system that provides the required room temperature as well in residential buildings as in industrial or public buildings.
Zortstroem makes the dreams of every homeowner and real estate manager come true. Irrespective of the number or the kind of energy suppliers and consumers, the Zortstroem-System guarantees efficient communications and collaboration within the whole energy system, huge energy savings and extensive reduction of maintenance costs, investment costs and operational costs, a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions and other positive side effects. There is a good reason why Zortstroem counts with such well-known corporate clients like Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Commerzbank AG, Airport Nürnberg, Nürnberg Trade Fair, several hospitals, public buildings, stadiums, sports centres and many more besides that, which all make high demands on their extensive power plants.
Do not hesitate to contact Zortea Gebaeudetechnik GmbH to find out about how to implement a Zortstroem-System into your building and what the costs would be. Via e-mail, Mr. Zortea will supply you with a questionnaire containing just a few questions concerning your current energy system. Subsequently you will receive an offer that meets your particular energy demands. Communication can be conducted in English, German, French and Spanish. You will be amazed about the amount of money, time, trouble, effort and stress you can save with Zortstroem.
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